Hollywood Actor Marlon Brando (right) (1924 – 2004)

Hollywood Actor Marlon Brando (right) (1924 – 2004) visited Dhaka FDC in 1966. In this photo, he was seen along with actress Shabnam (left), Film Director Ehthesham (2nd left) & Cinematographer Abdus Samad (2nd right).& my father Khan Arifur Rahman behind Aunty Shabnam .

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12 thoughts on “Hollywood Actor Marlon Brando (right) (1924 – 2004)

  1. Once I was very close to Samad -Rosy family.
    An exceptionally wonderful couple they were.
    Their loving daughter was also very affectionate.
    I pray for the departed noble souls.
    And I also pray for the welfare of their children.AMEEN.

  2. Late Film Director Ehtesham was a genius . I saw him first at Cox’s Bazar in the mid. of 1966 when the ever hit Urdu movie ” Chokori ” was filmed . Though I was then a little school boy but I feel proud to witness the shootings of this ever hit movie . Our ever famous film heroins like Sabnam , Shabana , Sabnaj and Shabnur joined in our flim industry through his wonderful selections .

  3. Ehsanur Rahman I am a great fan of Late Flim Director Ehtesham . He was an Icon in our flim industry . I remember ; he invited our family members at the conclusion ceremony of flim “Chokori ” at Cox’s Bazar Circuit House ! My father’s official Bunglo was at the down hill of the Circuit House . Would you please tell me are you anybody of his family member ?

    1. আব্বু তখন আব্দুস সামাদ চাচার কাছে কাজ শিখছিল। এবং উনি আব্বুকে সাথে নিয়ে যায় এবং স্টিল ছবি তুলতে বলে ছিল।আব্বু দলিল হিসাবে কয়েকটা রেখে বাকিগুলো সামাদ চাচাকে দিয়ে দিয়েছে।

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