Kashful in Bangladesh

Beautiful Autumn

The Bangla season Sharat appears with flowers and fragrance across the rural and urban settings. 

With the advent of the season Sharat (autumn), the nature has been ornamented with an exquisite, elegant hue with achromatic cotton of clouds on the sky and with thin-white Kashful fleeting in mild breeze in festive mood across the land. 

The Sharat scenario on the sky and throughout the land is compared and enjoyed like that of paradise for nature lovers of the country.

After the rain the autumn comes. Bangla months Bhadra and Ashin are the months of the Sharat (autumn). The cloudy sky becomes clear with the coming of the autumn, while Kahsful flower spreads its beauty in the season. 

The main attraction of Sharat is Kashful. Rabindranath Tagore composed songs on Sharat, covering beauty of the season. He wrote- ‘Shorote aaj kon atithee elo praner dware”


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